Equipo StockCrowd

Our history

We are a group of people from different industries and profiles who share the aim of improving the financial system through technology and innovation


Our mission

We want to transform the way in which companies relate to their communities. We believe that the websites of companies are about to undergo a digital, technological and financial transformation.

Our vision

If the websites of companies were initially intended for communication, now they serve to sell. At StockCrowd we believe that the next natural step for companies is that they will self-finance through their own websites.

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We believe in this and this is how we do things at StockCrowd

  • We will make every effort to break with all conflicts of interest.
  • We will be honest, transparent and we will accept our mistakes.
  • We will be a digital tool that connects people. We care about people.
  • We will use transparency as our flag and our ethics as a mast.
  • We will use all our ingenuity to improve what already exists
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We love causes that create an impact and we are a company committed to the causes of our customers

All members of the StockCrowd team dedicate one morning or an afternoon a month to volunteering for the cause that is important to us.
The support we give to some of our pillars, NGOs and Foundations, goes beyond just providing great technological tools, we love to dedicate part of our time to them.

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