The Water Van

The Water Van
The Water Van

The Water Van Project is a non-profit organization that aims to create access to drinking water for disadvantaged communities in Latin America. Much of its financing comes via one-off donations from people who support the project altruistically.

The Water Van

The Water Van Project digitalizes its fundraising through permanent donation.
Donations to The Water Van Project have increased by 1,300% thanks to StockCrowd's software.

Before using the StockCrowd software, TWVP had to resort to very basic, offline methods to get donations.
3 months ago, TWVP integrated a permanent donation tool as a fundraising system, speeding up the donor experience, seamlessly integrating with social networks and allowing the independent management and customisation of the campaign at all times.


Donations in 4 months



“StockCrowd has allowed us to digitalize our fundraising while maintaining the look-and-feel of our organization and greatly facilitating the donor experience when it comes to making a donation.”

Bank transfers & direct debit

Before using StockCrowd, TWVP raised funds through bank transfers to its account.
“We had our account number on our website and any person who wanted to make a donation had to go to the bank personally or make an online transfer from their bank. We were losing a lot of potential donors along the way,” says Jorge Horno, co-founder and fundraising manager of TWVP.
Having a big presence in social networks and having a lot of quality content about the project. Each time a donor wanted to collaborate, he could not complete his donation without having to go through a bank or filling out some never-ending form.

Digitalization as a fundraising tool

The key to maximizing the potential of our social networks was the integration of permanent donation in our digital channels.
“StockCrowd offers a seamless integration in social networks, so our donors can automatically donate from Facebook or Twitter after seeing one of our posts. The conversion of our donations has increased dramatically,” says Chechu Pajares, co-founder and community manager of TWVP. What's more, StockCrowd allows them to manage one-off donors and partners from the same tool and page.
"The experience for any donor is super simple, both to make an one-off donation and to become a member of the organization. The administrative work in relation to the donors was greatly improved."

“Looking forward, we want to open TWVP's doors to our community even more. At the end of the year, we will invite our community to launch challenges and raise their own funds through the StockCrowd Peer-to-peer.”

Continuous increase in donations and expansion of their online fundraising

TWVP increased its donations by 1,300% since it integrated the permanent donation tool in the first three months compared to the previous 3 months.
“With the launch of our new fundraising campaign, supported by the StockCrowd software, we have seen our donations grow exponentially. Our FANs could not have a better experience when it comes to donating.”
“Looking forward, we want to continue growing with StockCrowd and to try new features. At the end of the year, we will invite our community to launch their challenges and raise their own funds through StockCrowd Peer-to-peer,” says Jorge Horno.

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