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Uno entre cien mil

Uno entre cien mil
Uno entre cien mil

Foundation that works to create innovative social projects whose profits are directed to an annual research project against childhood leukemia.

Uno entre cien mil

The crowdfunding campaign of Uno entre Cien Mil Foundation was aimed at raising the money needed to research the benefits of sports in the healing of childhood cancer.

“StockCrowd was the tool we were looking for to carry out a crowdfunding campaign. The fact that the donation certificates are generated automatically to each donor, as well as the automated letter of appreciation they receive, are a great feature of the tool.”

The Uno entre Cien Mil Foundation that works to create innovative social projects whose profits are directed to an annual research project against childhood leukemia.

Before using Stockcrowd's software much of its funding came only from partners. As a result of the campaign, the Infinito +1 funding model has become a mixed solution consisting of individual donors and partners.

In just 42 days of campaign, The Uno entre Cien Mil Foundation raised 32,906€ for its project. This was a success within the organization's different online fundraising campaigns, raising 3 times more than in its previous campaign.

Small donors

Before starting to use StockCrowd, The Uno entre Cien Mil Foundation mainly counted on the participation of partners. With the Crowdfunding campaign, the Foundation manages to reach the individual donor by linking them with a specific project and a donation for a specific purpose.

An intuitive tool. An excellent service

As usual, for the StockCrowd team it is fundamental to give the best service to our customer. Being a SaaS (Software as a Service), we need to support and help our customer become familiar with the tool before they are able to become completely independent.

“The campaign configuration took us more time than we thought at first, since it was the first time that we carried out a micro-donation campaign. But we really want to highlight the excellent quality of service of the StockCrowd team, their rapid answers to queries and help provided at all times” Leticia tells us.

100% Positive Experience

The automation of certificate issuance and donor management allows organizations to save time thus enabling them to dedicate more effort to the create process or new campaigns. Leticia Fernández, from the UECM Fundraising and Communication team tells us,

“Being able to generate donation certificates automatically, so that the donor receives an automatic email with the reward acquired without us doing anything more, has been a very positive thing for us.”

A very satisfactory experience that has helped them reach the one-off donor who is close to the organization. Always keeping an eye on their donor database.

“We want to highlight the increase in one-off donations thanks to the fundraising campaign developed with StockCrowd technology”, says Leticia.

It is fundamental for us to create long-term strategic alliances with our customers and become their partners in technology. We want to grow with each of them, because that is what makes us great.

“If in the future we carry out a micro-donation campaign, we will turn to StockCrowd mainly for their fast customer service and their patience in dealing with any query.”

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