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Infinito + 1 is a Foundation, Producer and Distributor that makes religious-themed films that was established with the aim of making films that bring the whole world closer to God.

Infinito +1

The crowdfunding campaign of the Infinito +1 Foundation resulted in the making of a film that was the fifth highest to raise money by Crowdfunding in Spain.

“StockCrowd was the tool we needed. Web integrated campaign. Design and aesthetics of the platform. The advice and the accesible team of Stockcrowd. Multi-language. Possibility of easily exporting the donor information to our database. Easy handling of the platform. ”

Much of its funding came only from large donors before using the StockCrowd software.
As a result of the campaign, the financing model of Infinito +1 consisted of a mixture of big investors and small investors.
In 41 days of campaign, the Infinito +1 Foundation exceeded their fundraising target. They were looking for 100,000 to start the filming of the movie “El Mayor Regalo” and two days before the deadline, they had already exceeded that number. They closed the campaign with 112,411%euro; raised.

Bank transfers & direct debit

Before StockCrowd, the Infinito +1 Foundation raised funds mainly offline.

An intuitive tool. An excellent service

“It was surprisingly simple. If we had any doubts, we received quick, personal help from Stockcrowd's team. Some new options were even implemented in the platform to meet our needs. You can’t beat that!”

Being able to count on the experience and advice of the StockCrowd team when facing an ambitious crowdfunding campaign like ours, says Alexis Martínez, director of the Infinito +1 Foundation and person responsible for executing the Crowdfunding campaign.

“We give great importance to the people who love our brand, and it has been very helpful for us to be able to group together so easily all those who supported the campaign.”

Continuous increase in donations and expansion of your online fundraising

“Without Stockcrowd we could not have reached so many small donors. Until now, our funding has focused on big investors. From now on, our financing model moves to a mixed solution between big and small investors thanks to Stockcrowd's technology.”

The Infinito +1 Foundation, after completing 41 days of campaign, decided to keep the campaign open with the aim of continuing to raise funds for the production of the film “El Mayor Regalo”. Even without carrying out an active communication campaign, day after day they continue to attract new donors and receive donations from small donors.

Database order & segmentation

The creation of a document with the data of the participants in the campaign is a feature that has solved a problem that the Infinito +1 Foundation had.

Evolution of the number of social network followers throughout the duration of the campaign

Profile Followers at the start of the campaign Current followers Increase in the campaign period
Fan Page Central 83.360 followers 86.556 followers + 3.196 followers
Fan Page Italiana 16.886 followers 17.045 followers + 159 followers
Fan Page Director 4.045 followers 5.150 followers + 1.105 followers
TW Infinito+1 5.393 followers 5.698 followers + 305 followers
TW Director 7.243 followers 7.459 followers + 216 followers
Instagram Infinito+1 147 followers 498 followers + 351 followers
Youtube Infinito+1 4.960 followers 5.489 followers + 529 followers


  • “El Mayor Regalo” Campaign has been a milestone in the crowdfunding world, achieving overfunding three days before the end of the campaign.
  • “El Mayor Regalo” Campaign has become the fifth highest film to raise the most money in Spain through crowdfunding.
  • The crowdfunding campaign for “El Mayor Regalo” is a clear example that the platform model in your own website works when there is a community linked to the Project, and it knows how to communicate in a way that makes it a part of the brand's community.
  • The campaign itself has become a success case because of the money raised and how the day-to-day of the campaign has developed. The communication has been excellent, as well as the strategy of opening new countries as the campaign progressed.
  • Through the campaign, greater engagement has been fomented with the Infinito +1 community. Followers have been made aware of the producer's need for financing, and the public has responded very favourably by participating in the campaign.

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