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Ágora Social

It is a social company that, since 2003, offers advice, training and comprehensive services for fundraising. His team brings extensive experience with an innovative spirit.

Zohar Consulting & Social Marketing

Zohar is a consultancy specialising in helping foundations, non-governmental organizations and public administrations raise funds and make strategic decisions and their subsequent implementation.

Valores & marketing

Valores & Marketing helps companies create social and economic value through services such as social audit, program design, coordination and measurement, impact analysis and its reporting.

Semántica Social

Semántica Social aims to help non-profit organisations to communicate better, learn to raise funds privately and create social impact by promoting digital transformation processes.

Spanish Fundraising Association

The Spanish Fundraising Association (AEFr) is a non-profit organisation whose objective is the development of philanthropy and the raising of funds by organisations that defend causes of public and general interest in Spain.

Empresa y Sociedad

Empresa y Sociedad aims to promote innovative ideas about companies, the economy and society via forums, research, workshops, consultations and services.

Grupo Lanza

Agustín Landa has more than 30 years experience in philanthropy working in Mexico and USA, founded LANZA a consultancy firm focused in helping business leaders and organizations launching their social initiatives. LANZA is working 3 main market segments:

  • Fundraising.
  • Foundations.
  • Business social development.

Specifically in fundraising we advice in how to connect the corporate initiative with potential donors building a long term philanthropic relationship. We like to build bridges and connect dreams


Latín Aid Fundraising Services

Latín Aid Fundraising Services is an agency tries to drive and involve communities into good social causes through donations in order to build a better world.

We help offering consultancy, mentoring, activation, implementation and resources mobilization for non-profit and civil society organizations.

We form a consortium of experts in digital marketing, data science, digital advertising, design, communications, promotion, telemarketing and fundraising at a highest level.

Proud to be a StockCrowd Fanraising partner for Mexico and LATAM.

Our partners range from consultants, fundraising specialists or communication agencies.
We can help you energise your business.


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