What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of financing, usually through the internet, an initiative or project through the contributions of a number of people

Types of crowdfunding

The types of Crowdfunding are defined according to the remuneration received by the participant who makes the contribution.
In all cases, the link established between the participant and the project is very relevant.
Most of the time the participant becomes the promoter and ambassador of the project itself.


  • Donation

    Do not receive remuneration

  • Reward

    Receive a product-service

  • Cash

  • Royalty

    Receive benefits from the sale of a product

  • Investment

    Receive shares-holdings

  • Loan

    Receive principal + interests

Emotional bond

Crowdfunding turnover

Global crowdfunding volume in 2015: 334.4 billion dollars

Average annual growth between 2012-2015: 134.6%

Crowdfunding turnover


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