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RCD Espanyol
RCD Espanyol

The Foundation is a non-profit organization and, therefore, its operation, organization and economic and fiscal regime is under the provisions of Law 05/2001, of May 2, of Private Foundations of Catalonia.

RCD Espanyol

The reward crowdfunding campaign of the RCD Espanyol Foundation in Barcelona aimed to raise the money needed to carry out the construction of a new audio-visual room.

“The crowfunding software was the solution to one of our needs. We weren't aware of any alternative financing avenues. One of the mottos of Antoni Fernàndez Teixidó is "To use the tools of the future in the present" and we managed to do just that with StockCrowd”

The RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Foundation was created with the aim of it becoming a tool to spread and promote the feeling of a Club.

Through a mixed campaign of crowfunding for donations, rewards and bids, the Foundation wanted to involve the members and supporters of Espanyol in the construction of a new audiovisual room.

In 153 days of the campaign, the RCDE Foundation raised a total of €58,655 for its project.

More participations

Thanks to the tool's features and its usability, participation has broken records in the crowdfunding world by attracting participants from all over the world.

An intuitive tool. An excellent service

“It is a highly intuitive product offering many possibilities, and whenever we had any questions we could always rely on the Stockcrown team for a fast answer. ”

Attracting donors

“The tool allowed our partners to contact us and acquire rewards. What's more, being able to be integrated into the digital channels of the Club and the Foundation was a huge plus allowing for direct traffic from our followers and partners!”
“We received many congratulations and a lot of positive feedback from the members, not only before the donation process but also after they'd already acquired the reward and could enjoy it.”
“The best thing about working with StockCrowd, in addition to the software, has been the support, advice and guidance received from their whole team.”

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