The Eurofirms foundation works to strengthen the culture of equality in the workplace, guaranteeing full accessibility to the labor market and equal working conditions.


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign of Eurofirms had the objective of involving workers and customers in three solidarity projects chosen for the Christmas campaign.

“StockCrowd was the tool we were looking for to carry out our CSR Christmas campaign. The fact that the donation certificates are generated automatically, as well as the great capacity for personalization, are great features of the tool.”

The Eurofirms CSR Christmas campaign consisted of involving its inner circle in three solidarity projects chosen by the company.

To facilitate collaboration with the chosen projects, Eurofirms integrated the 3 projects on its website under the theme "Christmas campaign. Share Christmas." In said landing, the projects were explained and each of them was configured as an independent campaign with its own payment gateway.

By using the StockCrowd software, Eurofirms has been able to centralize its Christmas campaign on a single page, directing donations directly to the current account of each Foundation.

In 73 campaign days Eurofirms raised 36,390€ for all its causes.

The solution to the problem

StockCrowd makes the centralization of the campaigns possible in the same website, the customization of the landing and its adaptation to the style of the company.

For Eurofirms, carrying out the Christmas campaign with the StockCrowd technology has meant an important "both a saving of time and much dedication by highly specialized people."

An intuitive tool. An excellent service

“We needed a tool that would facilitate our work and help us save time as well as a team of highly dedicated and specialized people.”
“To start using the software is very simple and intuitive. We want to say how impressed we were with the quality of the service and the help provided at all times by the StockCrowd team.”

100% positive experience

“The ability to generate donation certificates automatically, the customization of the landing as well as the possibility of integration into our own website has been very positive.”
“We are very happy with how much time was saved and with the quality and dedication of such a highly specialized team.”
“What we were most impressed with was the excellent service we received and the fast response of StockCrowd's staff.”

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